Art Beyond Gaze Project


Digitalization, art and social inclusion

Art Beyond Gaze works with young people especially with special needs to develop their artistic skills and the benefits of inclusion.

ABeyGA project wants to approach art creations in an alternative way with the total involvement of senses within art workshops and cultural environments in general (e.g. museums, cultural centers etc) and support young learners especially with Special Educational Needs and Difficulties (SEND) to be successfully included in their school and social environment through art education.


The beneficiaries of the project are mostly young learners with SEND and vulnerable young people in general, youth workers, educators and social work organizations, but also families, other young people, schools, colleges, high schools and universities.


  • To develop a holistic global didactic conception of art using all sensations (look but also touch, hearing, smell)…
  • To create and adopt a multicultural approach of artworks opened to new worldviews (different perception of colors, sounds, art materials depending on the country of origin).
  • To support young people especially with SEND to be involved in communication by and for young people by allowing them to contribute to the creation of tools.
  • To provide and transfer digital tools, skills (individual, collective) and practices, useful to professionals and young learners in order to improve Art Education and meet their territorial objectives.
  • To enrich the educational value and goals in the art workshops with different cultural and practical approaches.
  • To engage the young people in the reproduction of known sculptural works using natural materials from the regions/countries involved.


The expected results connected to the IOs and activities are related to the personal and professional development of the trainers so as to respond more efficiently to the demands of their social role, as parents, teachers, professionals.
As for the young, especially with SEND, the project will guarantee the development of their learning skills and the reinforcement of
their social- emotional abilities and self- expression to be included in their social and cultural environment.


  • Perifereiaki Diefthynsi Protovathmias & Defterovathmias
  • Ekpaidefsis Thessalias
  • Associazione coat – Centro Orientamento Ausili Tecnologici Onlus
  • Blue Room Innovation sl
  • Escola Art i Superior de Disseny d’Olot
  • Integra, Associació Discapacitats Intel·lectuals
  • Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
  • Open Up, Greek Scientific Association for Innovation

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